New Members’ Welcome Event: 30th August 2023, held at Xi Yan @ Maxwell

It was wonderful to have new members join us at Xi Yan @ Maxwell, where we had a chance to meet and interact with each other and welcome them to the Alumni.  We were honoured to have past and current HP leadership grace the event as well. 

We deeply appreciate the many positive comments about the event, to quote a few:

“Great Platform, some folks I met after a very long time”
“Thanks, and glad to have caught up with friends from HP”
“Wonderful evening; …place and atmosphere just nice to mingle and network with like-minded people”
“Look forward to the next event…” etc,
with many still lingering around to chat after it ended.

Highlights of the evening included a lucky draw and a HP Way video (filmed during the 2022 Gala Dinner).

The welcome event was co-sponsored by OCBC Premier Private Client and we thank them for their support and partnership in making it happen.  
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