AN INVITATION: Active Ageing and Healthy living while having Fun, Fitness, Food with Friends

Dear fellow HP Alumni members,
I would like to invite you to join our W4f (Walking for Fun, Fitness, Food with Friends) if you are interested in Active Ageing and enjoying Healthy Lifestyle.
When I retired, I started this walking group with mostly ex-HP friends and their friends as I knew it’s very difficult to exercise regularly without all the 4 F’s. It is now more than 8 years and I am very happy see w4f growing stronger than ever. Some of us have even ventured overseas including hiking trips to Hong Kong and Japan. Next year we plan to tour Mont Blanc in July.
We walk every Friday morning alternating between Macritchie Reservoir or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, where the routes are well maintained and shady. After 2-3 hrs of casual walking, enjoying what the Japanese call “Forest Bath” close to nature, we have sumptuous lunch at Singapore Island Country Club (the highlight, for most of the members) or at famous Bukiit Timah Food Centre.
W4F is a very inclusive group where the age ranges from 7 (grandchild of a member) to 70 years. We have dedicated members who take leave to join.
Occasionally I also organized Night Walk along routes that can be very open and hot during the day. These include Marina Bay, Southern Ridges, Punggol Waterway and Singapore River from Alexandra PCN to Clarke Quay. These are very popular especially amongst many of the extended members who are still working, where they take off slightly earlier to reconnect with friends, exercise and enjoy the beautiful Singapore landscape.
I hope you will consider joining us. You can contact any of the HPA Exco members or myself if you are interested or have any questions.
Wee Yeow Tan

1. How long is the Macritchie Reservoir walk ? I am not sure I can do it.
It is about 11.5km 3 hrs from 8:45 am – 11:45 am, including drink breaks and occasional photo taking. We start at SICC (Thomson Road side) lobby. For shorter 8km distance, you can join at Lornie Road Mushroom Café/Toilet at 9:45am

2. Isn’t it hot to start so late ?
It can be, but most of the route is in the forest where it is shady and cool. We also want to end with sumptuous well deserved Food after satisfying workout.

3. Is it very tough to climb up Bukit Timah ? How long does it takes and how high is it ?
Yes, it can be. There are a number of short cuts for beginners to reduce the route. Although some parts are cross country, there many boardwalks and reinforcement steps has been installed to make it easy to hike up the 163m. The standard route is about 5km in 2 hours from 9:30am-11:30 am.

4. I am still working full time or part time. Can I just join the Night Walk ?
Yes, of course. The Night walks are targeted specifically for them.



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