Message from HP Alumni President, Tan Soh Keng


Dear HP Alumni Members,

Thank you for supporting HP Alumni (HPA). I am glad to have the opportunity to take on the President role for HP Alumni for new term 2017-19 i.e. 16th HPA Exco.

We had our 16th AGM on 30th March 2017. The new Exco members started their term of office since 1 April 2017. Thanks to the members who had turned up to support us, and several members who had stepped forward to serve the society.


  1. Introduction of the new EXCO Members

a) Chairman – Han Jok Kwang

b) President – Tan Soh Keng

c) Vice President – Tay Kok Chin

d) Secretary – Mina Chan

e) Treasurer – Teng Lor Bin

f) Committee Member – Cecilia Pang

g) Committee Member – Chin Hon Cheng

h) Committee Member – Lim Soo Meng

i) Committee Member – Sunil Narang

j) Committee Member – Tan Wee Yeow

Please join me to applaud the enthusiasm of the new Exco to contribute to HPA!  Look forward to your support for the new Exco. We do hope to contribute to HPA and keep HPA relevant to all of you. I also take this opportunity to thank the past Exco for their contributions and support to new Exco to ensure a smooth transition.

We also welcome Winnie Lee who has taken over from TJ as our Secretariat. TJ had served as our Secretariat for the past 6 years, and we appreciate her efficiency in managing our society all these years. We thank her for her contributions.


  1. Reiterate HPA Mission


Last year, we conducted a survey among members about their views whether HPA is still relevant today. We’d received a majority of over 60% who agreed that it still is. Allow me to share our mission (available on our web site

The Alumni’s objects are:

  • To provide members with opportunities for social interaction, networking and recreation;
  • To promote mutual support and collaboration between members in areas of mutual interest;
  • To keep the members informed of the latest developments in Singapore’s economy and business environment in the world which are not proprietary or confidential in nature;
  • To organize and present developmental, educational, cultural, recreational and social programs as determined by the Alumni;
  • And to offer opportunities to contribute as a group to the improvement of Singapore’s social health and economic development by participating in philanthropic and education programs at all levels.

We welcome members to provide feedback and come forward to join us. Please feel free to contact any of the Exco members or Winnie (Singapore HP Alumni Secretariat


  1. HPA Gala Dinner 2017


We would like to give you an early heads-up that the HPA Gala Dinner Organising Committee, led by VP Tay Kok Chin, has confirmed that the HPA Gala Dinner will be held on Friday, 3rd Nov 2017 at the Hilton Hotel, Orchard Road. The HPA Gala Dinner serves as an important networking event for our members – to catch up socially and hopefully, do things together. We look to your support and participation. Do mark your calendar!


  1. Reconnecting with HP Enterprise (HPE)


Thanks to Chairman, Jok Kwang, for connecting with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE). The HPA Exco was invited to the launch of the new HPE Regional HQ on 8th May 2017.  Meg Whitman, HPE President and CEO and Phil Davis, SVP and MD of HPE APJ both acknowledged importance of HPE connection with HPA, and look forward to future collaborations since Singapore is a key regional center for HPE. More details relating to HPE Launch are available in the article from Business Times:


You may watch the launch video:, which HPE has created showcasing a bike ride with participation from HPA and HPE staff.


We were hosted to a tour of their new Customer Engagement Centre and tea reception by Antonio Neri; Executive Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Group; and Loh Khai Peng, Vice President, Enterprise Group and Managing Director, HPE Singapore. Such tours can be arranged with HPE for our HPA members if there is enough interest.

Feel free to visit our HPA FaceBook page and website for the photos of HPA events.  We look forward to explore collaboration with them.

We hope to see you in our events in the coming months and look forward to your continuing support.


Tan Soh Keng

President, HP Alumni


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