Dear alumni members of HP,

2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the formation of the HP Alumni. Consistent with our HP culture and values, we are commemorating this important milestone by launching a charity drive; making a difference by giving back to society.

Apart from the annual Cycling event, we intend to have two other fund raising events this year – “Passing Round the Hat” and a Charity Golf Tournament.

Specifically on the “Passing Round the Hat” project, we know that many of you are regular donors to charitable organizations and it would be great if you would choose to pool resources and make your contributions through the HP Alumni family. We are looking for your support to write your cheque directly to the chosen charities listed below and send to HP Alumni for collation.

The organizing committee has shortlisted the following six organizations which will be benefiting from this drive. They represent a good cross-section of the society in Singapore:

(1) Children’s Cancer Foundation

(2) Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association (please make cheque payable to “CARE Singapore”)

(3) Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens

(4) HCA Hospice Care (please make cheque payable to “Community Chest – HCA Hospice Care”)

(5) Yellow Ribbon Fund

(6) Zonta Singapore – Project Pari Fund

We look forward to your support to donate directly to any of the organizations above and enjoy 2.5X tax deduction. To donate, please

(1) Issue a cheque made payable to any of the above organizations of your choice per the names given above

(2) Indicate your full name, NRIC no., address, contact number and with the specification “HP Alumni Charity Drive” on the back of the cheque

(3) Mail the cheque to:

HP Alumni

Rochor Post Office

P.O. Box 1030

Singapore 911831

Please click here for a write-up of the selected charities.

The charity golf tournament is planned to take place on 24th August Wednesday at Laguna Golf and Country Club. A separate message on the tournament will be sent.

On behalf of the HP Alumni, we would like to thank you for your generosity and make our 10th anniversary a meaningful one.


Organizing Committee

HP Alumni 10th anniversary Charity Drive


Chong Chiet Ping


Wilson Ang

Caron Choo
Kwan Yet Shun

Patricia Liu

Edwin Teo

Tong Lam Joen

Ashley Wong