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Christmas is round the corner. It is also a time of giving and sharing. HCA Hospice Care is looking for Volunteers to bring some festive cheer to their patients. So if you and your family can give some of your precious time, it would mean a lot to individual patients. Let’s try to play a small part in this community event.

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Here’s more info:


Christmas is a time of giving.This year, HCA Hospice Care calls on you to volunteer a few hours of your time to celebrate the year-end season and put more life into days of home hospice patients.

HCA Hospice Care is a registered charity offering palliative care to patients with life-limiting illnesses.We provide over 75% of palliative home care in Singapore to about 900 patients at any given time.Our team of doctors, nurses, medical social workers and volunteers care for over 3,300 patients a year.It is their dedicated service that makes it possible for these patients to remain in the comfort of their own homes.

Project Home Cheer is a home visitation programme organized twice a year in June and December. The project offers an opportunity for you to show care and concern and spread a little festive cheer to patients and their families.

When will the visits take place?

Volunteers may sign up for either or both of the following time slots:

Saturday, December 10, 2.30pm – 5 pm

Sunday, December 11, 2.30pm – 5 pm

Who will make the visits?

HCA’s council members, staff, volunteers and well-wishers who signed up for the visits.

Where will the visits take place?

Volunteers will visit the homes of the patients they have been matched with.HCA has patients all over the island.Volunteers may indicate the area they wish to visit.

What will visitors do at the patient’s home?

Each visit will last no more than 20 minutes.Visitors are to extend the usual season’s greetings to the patients and family, present the gifts (prepared by HCA) and chit chat with the patients/family members. Some patients may request visitors to read to them or sing Christmas carols with them.

How will the volunteers be organized?

Volunteers should preferably form a team of 3-5 with their friends/family/colleagues.

Individual volunteers will be grouped with other volunteers by HCA.

What is expected of the volunteer?

a)Complete the attached registration form and email it before 29 November 2011 to

b)Attend a short briefing; pick up goodie bag, identification tag and feedback form from HCA on 6 or 9 December.

c)Visit up to 3 patients on the day.Call each patient the day before the visit and a few minutes before reaching his/her home.

d)Treat the patients with sensitivity and respect and observe common courtesy while visiting homes.

e)Bear in mind HCA is a secular organization and the volunteer represents HCA.

f)Complete the feedback form and mail it to HCA.

What information will be given to volunteers?

By 5 December, volunteers will be given:

a)Patient’s name, home address and contact number

b)Patient’s mobility level